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In this xplay review, we will explore all the offerings of the site. Additionally, we will determine the legitimacy of xplay and provide a comprehensive list of xplay promo codes.

  • Earn free CS:GO skins as rewards for playing
  • Operated by the same company as the popular skin trading site CSMoney
  • Offers an extensive variety of game modes and servers to choose from
  • All players have access to private servers for exclusive bot practice
  • Some daily challenges are limited and can be time-consuming to complete
  • Non-premium users have restricted access to skins costing less than $20 in the skin shop

What is xplay?

Introducing Xplay, a dynamic platform that grants players access to the vibrant world of xplay CS:GO community servers. Engage in thrilling gameplay and get rewarded with random free skin drops, or utilize xCoins earned through in-game daily challenges to purchase your favorite skins.

Xplay boasts a diverse selection of servers, including custom deathmatch bots of various skill levels, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Operated by the company behind the renowned skin trading site CS.Money and CS:GO performance analysis tool Scope.GG, Xplay offers a premium plan with enhanced benefits. However, even the free plan delivers a fantastic gaming experience for all users.

Join the Xplay community today and elevate your CS:GO journey to new heights.

Is xplay Legit?

Yes, we believe xplay is legitimate. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Supported by Established Companies: xplay.gg is backed by reputable companies, including CS.Money, a well-known skin trading site, and Scope.GG, a trusted CS:GO analysis tool.
  • Growing Community: xplay.gg has fostered a thriving and active community of players, with approximately 150,000 monthly visitors.
  • Free Skin Drops: Players can enjoy the excitement of earning random free skin drops while playing on xplay.gg’s community servers, without the need for any payment or payment details.
  • Secure Connection: The website ensures the security of user data by operating on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, providing users with peace of mind.

Latest xplay Bonus Code

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